The Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcast focuses on natural beekeeping, the way nature intended. We talk about how to keep your bees alive without harsh chemical treatments by specifically sharing methods that people have used to do just that! Guests on the show are authors, scientists and other very knowledgeable people with much information to share about keeping honeybees in a natural, sustainable way. Tips, tricks, inventions and natural treatment methods are shared as well as relevant news within the beekeeping community.








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This episode gets things back on track and adds some great information to the body of work benefiting the beekeeping beginner. If you are an experienced beekeeper there is plenty in here for you too!

Here are some links for the items mentioned in this episode,

The Mike Palmer video lecture: (there is a part two there as well)

YouTube channel:

Forum Link for Suggested Guests:



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I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! 2012 was a tough year for Craig but by the skin of my teeth I managed to get this content produced just under the wire before we roll in 2013. In this episode I thought it would be fun to go back and listen to Episode 1 and update everyone on whether or [...]
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Podcast Episode 23 – The Practical Beekeeper – Michael Bush! A very special guest, Michael Bush, is on the podcast this time around. I am a big fan of his and I am honored to bring this podcast to you. Michael has been instrumental in bringing the “Natural Beekeeping” movement to the forefront. His articulate speaking style is packed with great information, a treat to [...]
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We cover different types of top bar hives and the management styles that go with them. Are you looking for information about alternative hive styles? Are you on the fence about using the “standard” Lang hive? Well, this is the episode you’ve been waiting for! This is all the information you need to get off [...]
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In this episode I play some listener feedback calls and also read some of an old beekeeping book that is out of copyright. What great lessons we can learn from the past! Enjoy, -=Craig Subscribe to the Podcast:
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Podcast Episode 20 – FatBeeMan Intro Series 3 of 3 Here is the fantastic conclusion of the “Intro” series with Don the FatBeeMan. This is my personal favorite out of the three but you be the judge on which one you like best. If you enjoyed this series and specifically Don’s teachings then you’ll be happy to know that we have another series under production. [...]
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Podcast Episode 19 – The FatBeeMan 2 of 3 I hereby dub Don the first “Grand Master Beekeeper” that I have come across. I hope you enjoy this and there is more to come! Best -=Craig Subscribe to the Podcast:
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Podcast Episode 18 – Meet Don the FatBeeMan I am proud to present a conversation with Don the FatBeeMan, owner of Dixie Bee Supply. Don is a well-known and respected teacher of all things beekeeping with 50+ years of hands-on under his belt. Don keeps (and breeds) very gentle small-cell bees that survive without chemical treatments. Don is also an active participate on [...]
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Happy New Year! Let’s welcome 2011 and make this a great year for the bees! Also, stop in and join the discussion FORUM! Best, -=Craig Subscribe to the Podcast:
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So much going on, so little time in a summer day… Well, it was another long delay since my last episode. I finally got this one together and published for you all. Lots of great stuff here. Enjoy! Best, -=Craig Subscribe to the Podcast:
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